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Green Valley Cotton Candy, LLC



407 Westminster Rd.
Canterbury, CT

(860) 556-9351

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Snow Queen and Cotton Candy.jpg

Ice cream, cookies, chocolate, candy bars, bubble gum, lollipops, licorice, popcorn, and the list goes on! people love SWEETS. So many candies and treats to select from at your local stores and beyond! However.....there is one treat that is so delicious and so unique that it seems to require SEASONAL consumption but the problem with that is...MOST lovers of a certain treat; be it popcorn or chocolate, tend to seek out their favorites year-round!

COTTON CANDY Lovers do not have this advantage; the love must wait; hold-off, till spring or summer before a taste can be had.

Green Valley Cotton Candy, LLC is the #1 place to have YEAR-ROUND access to COTTON CANDY! So, fall in love again, with the FLUFF and beat those winter blues with some delicious BLUE RASPBERRY cotton candy sweetness!

  • Catering is the way to have access to Green Valley Cotton Candy

  • Invite G.V.C.C to your next event or venue

  • G.V.C.C serves you & your special guests COTTON CANDY delights!

  • Jars, Love-cups, goody bags & on-the-stick

Our Snow Queen handed out Cotton Candy at the SoNo Collection!