Every child wants their birthday to feel extra special! And what could be more special than their favorite character coming to visit them in person? 

Whether in your home or at a party venue, we are happy to visit and bring that extra surprise. Our offered services can vary depending on the character, length of the party, and preferences of the child/parent; they can include:

  • Singing/singalongs: 1-3 songs pertinent to the character

  • Storytime: A short interactive story read from a book, pertinent to the character

  • Dancing: The character teaches a dance to a favorite song or two!

  • Games: Easy, themed games relevant to the character, e.g. "Princess Says" (Simon Says), "Pass the Rose" (Hot Potato), "Freeze Dance"

  • Character "Training": teaching the children specific moves or actions specific to the character type, e.g. prince/princess waves, bows and curtsies; hero poses

  • Crowning the birthday child: For princess parties, the birthday prince or princess is crowned Prince or Princess of their Royal Court and presented with a tiara! 

  • Glitter Tattoos: Slightly messy, but a good time for all ages, with designs of all varieties for all preferences!

  • Temporary Tattoos: Water-based, easy tattoos that work with the party theme

  • Mini Makeovers: Fun, quick makeovers with bright eye shadow, blush, and lip color. We use new brushes for each child to ensure good hygiene.

Click here for our full character gallery! 

Click here for performance videos!

Wayfinder Princess + Mermaid Princess

Story time with the Wayfinder Princess and Mermaid princess

Flower Princess with mini-me

The Tower Princess teaching a special dance

Glass Slipper Princess

The Midnight Princess greets her new friends!